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Alumni Testimonials

The training that I received in mathematics and English at Rockwell Christian School were foundational to my later success in college and beyond. More importantly, the spiritual training I received from godly men and women helped save my faith during a time of great uncertainty in my walk with God. In many ways, I am indebted to my experience at Rockwell Christian School. I consider it the formative years of my life. - Andrew J. Harris, Ph.D.


The education that I received at RCS not only laid a solid foundation for an easy transition into college and later on into graduate school, but also prepared me to be able to live confidently in a world that is becoming more confusing daily.  The Biblical training and education that I received during my most influential years are invaluable.  I continue to lean on the Biblical truths that were instilled in me from my education, and consider myself blessed for having been able to attend RCS!  - Dr. Katie B. Haynes, Registered Pharmacist


The spiritual influence from obtaining a Christian education taught from a strong biblical worldview at Rockwell Christian School shaped my outlook on life and my purpose in this world.  During a particular chapel, God began burdening my heart with an intense desire for world-wide missions.  As a graduate of Rockwell Christian School and after pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Missiology and Master's Degree in Ministry, I now use my foundation in education and the Word of God to help educate, convert, and disciple the people of Zambia, Africa for the Lord Jesus Christ. - Justin Sauder, Missionary to Zambia, Africa

Rockwell Christian School played a pivotal role in preparing me for the next stages in life.  The school’s strong academic program and skilled teachers prepared me for success in college.  The athletics program helped me learn the value of teamwork and taught me how to handle both winning and losing, preparing me for my career.  In addition, the emphasis RCS places on spiritual growth helped me grow in my faith so that I can better face the challenges of daily life.  Recognizing the value of developing the whole person spiritually, physically, and mentally, Rockwell Christian School helped prepare me to become who I am today.  - Josh Hoehman, MBA


Rockwell Christian School provided excellent academics that allowed me to test out of college math and English courses. Through athletics and music, I also became                self-disciplined and goal-oriented, both of which are benefitting me today as a young wife, mom, and Registered Nurse.  - Megan Doan, Registered Nurse

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