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Dramatic Arts

God can use our voices through speaking to honor and glorify Him.  Learning to use this avenue proficiently is essential to be an effective Christian communicator, no matter the career path chosen.

Elementary students further speech studies through classroom poetry memorization as well as participating in the in-house fine arts competition, representing Rockwell Christian School in the NCCSA Fine Arts Competition, and public performance opportunities at school programs or plays.  


Middle and high school students can accept the opportunity to represent Rockwell Christian School in various speech categories such as acting, dramatic interpretation, humorous speaking, debate, preaching, etc.  Speech teachers coach students to excel at competition.  


Auditions are held to obtain a part in school dramas.  Students from elementary, middle, and high school may attend auditions.  The result of many rehearsals result in a phenomenal night for the student body, faculty, administration, families, and friends.  

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