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During the developing years of elementary,  students begin taking steps as small, walking caterpillars and emerge as soaring confident butterflies.  This process affects the student to become less dependent as growing and learning occurs.  The goal is to help parents in obeying Proverbs 22:6 which says, "Train up a child in the way he should go...."  During the elementary years, most basic beliefs, concepts, and life principles are formed.  This investment of Christian education including strong academics, character qualities, social skills, and extensive physical activity is invaluable to the spongelike brain of the elementary student.


Students in kindergarten through fifth grade enjoy the ride of elementary.  Students learn as caring Christian teachers educate from challenging, sequenced, curriculum that focuses on the basic skills of reading and math. These subjects are enhanced by studies in English, spelling, science, history, penmanship, and health, all taught from a biblical perspective.  The foundation is laid early as a heavy concentration of phonics is given in kindergarten through second grade. By third grade, vocabulary is building while compositions and grammar skills are expanding throughout the remaining years of elementary.  Fourth and fifth grade complete the process by polishing the student to become that successful middle schooler.  Interactive learning projects and practice drills aid in different approaches to instruction.   Learning is fun and assessed annually through standardized tests.  Beyond the classroom, students delight in added electives such as art, music, physical education, and library skills to each day's excitement.  For third through fifth grade, spring brings opportunities to compete and showcase unique talent in the annual NCCSA Fine Arts Competition.  Elementary wide, students grow through academic enrichment, social fellowships, and special days and events.  Intellectually, the student is broadening.


Spiritually, the heart of the elementary student is taking shape.  As an extension of the home in providing a Christian education, students hear daily passionate devotions, a habit to personally instill in the remaining years of life.  Stories making the Bible coming to life through classes and weekly chapels permeate the mind and prayerfully reach the heart.  The thrill of giving to others through community projects like food for the hungry, coats for the cold, or Bibles for men and women across the sea infiltrate the elementary student to see as Jesus does; for  according to Matthew 20:28, He "...came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and give..."  

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