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Music is a gift, an expression from the heart.  Students at Rockwell Christian are given a valuable music education and taught to glorify the God of the universe through song and instrument.  He is the giver of talent; we must choose to deepen our knowledge in music theory, sharpen technic skills in addition to natural abilities, and ultimately allow the Lord to use us through music ministry.  


Music education begins for the elementary student.  Basic music fundamentals combined with movement and fun melodies create a harmonious experience for the little mind.  This is the age of less stage fright which gives an opportunity to foster and let musical talents shine for Jesus.  


Students have the opportunity to participate in various programs and musicals throughout the elementary years at Rockwell Christian School.  Beginning in third grade, students may audition for solos, ensembles, chorus, instrumental solos, and instrumental duets for the NCCSA Fine Arts Competition.  


During middle and high school, students can choose to continue competing in the NCCSA Fine Arts through the same entries as elementary.   Rehearsal with qualified music teachers are given to prepare for the competition.   For school programs or musicals, students may audition for solos or minister though offertories. 


At the Spring Concert, musical entries from various grades perform.  It is a beautiful evening filled with aspiring talent.  Be a guest and honor Rockwell Christian School's students.  


Chapel is an opportunity for students to gather together and worship our great God through music.  During this time each week, they sing together, worship in groups or solos, and uplift their instrumental talent to the Savior.  Learning as a student to give God the praise He deserves is necessary in becoming an active worshipping adult.  


Because of exposure and training given at Rockwell Christian School, many alumni have furthered their music education through college degrees and have used their abilities to "teach others also" in both an educational and ministry setting.

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