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RCS Edge

Developing the Mind of Christ while Becoming Educated  Leaders of Tomorrow


Since 1976, Rockwell Christian School has been fulfilling its mission by assisting parents in the training, education, and spiritual development of their children, recognizing each as a unique creation of God. 


Biblical Worldview

Through daily Bible classes, curricula, and weekly chapels, a Biblical worldview in all areas of life is stressed to help develop the mind of Christ in each student.  Attending events such as the Back to School Retreat, Wild's Leadership Conference, Children around the World Festival, and Spiritual Emphasis Week add to the mentoring of students.  


Academic Excellence in a Christ-centered environment

Through receiving a quality education, students are given the opportunity to become the world’s leaders of tomorrow and lead with faith, intellect, and character.  Students from Rockwell Christian School have consistently scored well above national averages on the Iowa Assessment and CogAT Test and continue to do so. 


Dedicated Faculty

Rockwell Christian School’s passionate teachers equip students with excellence in academics as well as Christian values and a Biblical worldview.  The low student-teacher ratio enhances the educational atmosphere. 


Elementary, Middle, and High School

Through a traditional classroom setting, students engage in learning by using technology while building friendships to last a lifetime.  During Elementary, the foundation is laid.  Each student’s focus is set on the BASICS:  reading, writing, and arithmetic.  All other subjects complement the core while students embrace added electives in art, music, physical education, computer, and library skills.  Middle School and High School prepares students with college prerequisites, allowing each student to feel confident when applying to various universities and choosing which career path to take, all the while fulfilling God’s purpose for their life.  Due to learning from a Christian perspective and growing deeper with Christ, students can take unwavering faith with them to the next level of education.  Individualized programs are available to meet each student’s needs.


Community Outreach

Students are taught not only to have faith but also to use their faith in doing good for others.  Through projects like honoring veterans, feeding the hungry, clothing the poor, filling shoeboxes, and providing Bibles to those who have never heard, students learn the joy of giving.  By sharing the message of Jesus Christ and shining as lights in a world of darkness, students have the opportunity to make a difference in our community and around the globe.


Competitive Athletics

As members of the NCCSA Conference and Carolina Christian Conference, Rockwell Christian School offers competitive boys’ basketball, baseball, and soccer and girls’ volleyball, basketball, and softball for students in Middle School and High School. 


Fine Arts

Students participate in the NCCSA Fine Arts Competition in areas of music, art, and speech as well as various school concerts, plays, and musicals.  Such events are highlights to each year.  

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