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Visual Arts

Ecclesiastes 9:10 simply says, "Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might..."  At Rockwell Christian School, students are taught to apply this verse to every task, whether it be in writing an essay or creating a painting.   


Weekly art classes are offered to students in elementary.  Through such classes, students gain knowledge and sharpen natural abilities to honor the Savior with their hands.  For the in-house fine arts competition, students prepare art for different categories.  Entries are selected by judges and sent to the NCCSA Fine Arts Competition to be judged on the state level and represent Rockwell Christian School.  


Middle and high school students may compete in the NCCSA Fine Arts Competition if desired.  Qualified art teachers are available to assist them if needed.  This is an opportunity for them to compete, showcase their God-given skills, and represent their school on the state level and possibly the national level.  

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