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Spiritual Life

Rockwell Christian School is a place, a ministry, where education can be given in an atmosphere of spiritual concepts.  Daily devotions, Bible classes, weekly chapels, and community outreach projects are influencing students at Rockwell Christian School.  God is at work each day; students have the opportunity to see Him at work in their own personal life, in the community, and around the world.  These students will be the leaders of tomorrow.  May they also be educated and godly.


Rockwell Christian School aids families in developing the mind of Christ in the heart of their child.  To accomplish this, the Bible must be our life's manual, for it is the foundation of all education.  All subject matter is taught with a Biblical perspective in an effort to produce a Biblical worldview.  Students will view the world through their own lenses; may those lenses be Christ-like.  




Students have the opportunity to let their light shine in several ways.  Thanksgiving brings the Charger Food Drive, an effort to provide food for the hungry.  As winter approaches, coats for the cold are collected.  Christmas caroling at local retirement centers encourage the lonely.  Helping with Operation Christmas Child encourages children around the world.  To show the value of reading and hearing the Word, Bibles for missionaries have been collected and sent overseas to people that have never owned their own Bible.  Daily, students are encouraged to share the gospel with  the lost, disciple young believers, and edify the body of Christ by being active members in a Bible-believing church.




Chapel is a highlight to every week.  Students assemble to worship God through praise, song, music, prayer, and the Word.  Uplifting messages and devotionals are given by faculty, administration, guest speakers, and alumni.  The desire is for students to know God in a personal way, walk with Him daily, seek His will, and follow Him the rest of their days.  




Students attend a grade-appropriate Bible class daily.  Students share the burdens on their heart, spend time in prayer for one another, memorize Scripture, and deepen their knowledge in the Word.



The office doors of Mr. Case and Dr. Fulp, Pastor of Bethel Baptist Church, are always open to students who are struggling, looking for answers, or needing spiritual advice.  Through personal experiences and in light of God's Word, these men share their hearts to help draw students closer to the Savior.  




The entire student body assembles for a devotion and moment of silence for the victims of September 11, 2001.  We will remember and never forget.




Every September, Rockwell Christian School observes "See You at the Pole Day."  The morning begins around the flagpole to earnestly pray for our nation and leaders. 



Every Veterans Day, the student body assembles to honor the fallen and those who have served our country.  We are ever indebted to such contributions.




Spiritual Emphasis Week is a highlight to every year.  Middle and high school students attend chapel sessions every day for a week and hear heart-stirring messages from men dedicated to ministering to young people.  




Every year, Rockwell Christian School acknowledges the National Day of Prayer by assembling students and praying for our country, leaders, and revival in America.

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