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Major Fundraisers



With roughly three thousand guests every year, Rockwell Christian School's Fall Festival is a huge success.  In the past, students, parents, and faculty have invited family, friends, and members of the community to attend Rockwell's big event, and the day has left guests looking forward to future Fall Festivals.  


Perhaps this impression is from the delicious southern food!  The smell of pork cooked on smokers and chicken being grilled literally permeates the atmosphere around Rockwell Christian School the day of the Fall Festival.  Inside the cafeteria, guests receive their plates which include the meat of their choice, wonderful baked beans, rolls, incredible sweet tea, and a choice of pound cake or brownie.  The portions are plenteous, and the cost is only nine dollars per plate.  To manage such a large crowd, meals are served between three and seven.  Dine in or carry out is available.


Another highlight to the day is the variety of games for any age.  Some guests walk the cake walk with hopes of being the lucky number.  Kids go ecstatic over the choices of fun games to play.  Each game is complete with a prize and a chance to put your name in for a "Grand Prize" drawing at the end of the evening.  Each year, "Grand Prizes" may include prizes like iPads, iPods, cash, gift cards, etc.  Although such events cost a minimal fee, admission is free; and there are many more attractions.


Shoppers have plenty of things to view at the Fall Festival.  The bake shop is a magnet to dessert lovers.  Cakes, pies, cookies, and other sweet treats fill the tables and can be purchased for very reasonable prices.  Other shoppers find themselves gravitating towards the silent auction and placing a bid on larger items such as grills and lawnmowers at an incredibly low price.  


Get ready for the big day!  It will be a day for the entire family to enjoy!


Students come to school ready to exercise on the morning of the Charger Walk-A-Thon!  After obtaining individual and business contributions, students walk laps to meet the fundraising needs for Rockwell Christian School.  Keep in mind that fundraising is essential to bridge the gap between low tuition and operating expenses.  


Many local businesses generously sponsor Christian education through Rockwell Christian School.  To say thank you, support these businesses listed on the Business Sponsors tab, school lobby digital display, and “Wall of Friends” located in the gymnasium.  

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