Administration, Faculty, and Staff



Principal:  David Case -

Assistant Principal: David Simpson -

Business Manager:  Melissa Hill -

Administrative Assistant:  Karen Teodorovici -

Enrollment and Records:  Linda Deal -

Office Staff:  Amy Cox -



Kindergarten:  Jennifer Robinson -

Kindergarten Assistant:  Elisabeth Palmer


First Grade A:  Rebecca Vanderford -

First Grade B:  Sara VanBenschoten -


Second Grade A:  Becky Weer -

Second Grade B:  Jennifer Swanson -


Third Grade A:  Myra Hiatt -

Third Grade B:  Pam Cook -

Fourth Grade A:  Lydia Black -

Fourth Grade B:  Misty Edwards -

Fifth Grade A:  Nancy Patil -

Fifth Grade Assistant: Lisa Cruse

Elementary Music:  Diane Freeman

Elementary PE and Library:  


Middle School and High School:

      Jodi Dean -

      Joshua Helms -

      John Hoehman -

      Kristin Hustis -

      Catherine Odom -

      Tamara Odom -

      David Simpson -

      Nehemiah Worley -

Learning Center Supervisor:  Steve Weer -


Maintenance:  Harold Sauder

Custodian:  Susan Messick

Cafeteria Manager:  Angie Leonard

Cafeteria Staff: Amy Bauguess, Kara Long, and Amy Munson