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Middle School

During the transition years of middle school, students experience the changing of challenging classes and more independence while preparing for high school.  The goal is to assist parents with a godly, educated influence on their child that is transitioning from the energetic elementary student to the maturing high school student.  I Timothy 4:12 says, “Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity.”  The elementary student follows the middle school student.  It is time for the middle schooler to be “an example of the believers.”


Students in grades sixth through eighth love the exciting chapter of middle school.  With the changing of classes and personal combinations for each individual locker, middle school students embrace more independence and responsibility.  This is the season to prepare for high school.  


By increasing basic academic skills, developing critical thinking, and using a Christ-centered, biblically based curriculum, students may excel in the pursuit of academic excellence.  To make sure each student is on track to obtain such quality education, achievement is assessed annually through nationally-standardized achievement tests.  Learning from enthusiastic teachers in a traditional classroom among peers only adds to the educational experience.  Beyond core classes, middle school students embrace interactive labs, physical education, keyboarding, and the necessary knowledge of study skills.  These areas are complimented with each individual's natural talent exposed in the annual NCCSA Fine Arts Competition and Spring Concert.  


Students are influenced spiritually through daily devotions, Bible classes, and weekly chapels with youth oriented messages.  This setting encourages giving back to the community, reaching out to the lost, and diving deeper in a relationship with Christ.  This is a formative time in the middle school student's outlook on life and how God can be super involved if only allowed.  


Developing great athletic skills with exceptional sportsmanship and self-discipline is being encouraged  by inspiring coaches during the middle school years.  Students learn the value of teamwork, the glory of victory, and the determination to try harder, qualities that will last a lifetime.  For more information, visit the athletic page.  


To benefit students with particular academic needs or desires as well as advanced courses not fulfilled in the traditional classroom, a uniquely individualized learning center is available to students in grades sixth through twelfth.

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